Here are some potential programs which you can be involved in, whether as a participant or as a volunteer.
  • One-to-one Connections
    • English Language and Pronunciation Tutoring
    • Friendship Partners: Individual cross-cultural virtual friendships with opportunity for in-person visits if and when it is safe to meet outside or in a home or restaurant.
    • One-to-one Bible Study: With a local American.

  • Children and Family:
    • Young Kids: Story Hour (A local American reads children’s stories and sings songs with children.)
    • Older Kids: Book Club (A mixture of American and international students discuss a book that they have read. Discussion may focus on different cultural understandings of the world.)
    • Help with homework/Tutoring: Children of students and international guests can be assisted in transitioning to US schools for no payment at all.

  • Group Activities:
    • Seminar Series: Someone with expertise will share information and conduct a discussion.
      • American Customs and Holidays
      • Current Events and Politics in America
    • Discussion Groups (Corresponds with Seminar Series)
      • U.S. Christian Worldview
      • U.S. Family Dynamics
      • U.S. Workplaces
    • Cooking Club: A local American cooks a meal interacting with viewers in their own kitchens.
    • Book Group: A group discussion of a classic American literature