AACRC Updates – March 27

Hey Friends–

Our life together as the AACRC hasn’t escaped this season of change. It’s been over two weeks since we gathered for worship at 1717 Broadway; our small groups and leadership meetings are happening via Zoom. Also, for the forseeable future, the church office will be closed. Staff will continue to pick up the mail and check the phone messages daily.

But we’re still here. We are still the AACRC, even though we’re in the middle of a serious pivot. Ministry looks different in the middle of a global pandemic, but we are still the AACRC. Leadership continues to engage together about what this ministry pivot looks like. Please continue to be active in prayer, in tithing, and in keeping in touch with each other. Also, continue to read on for ways we can worship together, grow together, and serve together in this season.

Worship With Us

Worship Liturgy for In-Home Worship on Sunday, March 29
Pastor Kristen Livingston


Our pastors have prepared a liturgy along with videos of worship songs and Pastor Kristen’s reflection. Here are the links for all items for this in-home worship service:

Songs & Pastor Kristen’s Message (YouTube)

If your children would like to participate and engage by using the new children’s bulletin for Lent, it is attached HERE. We would love to see their work and possibly share it on our website and social media pages. If that’s okay with you, email us pictures to the church office.

Grow With Us

A life lived as a disciple of Christ is a life dedicating to be a forever learner. We are called into a life where we are shaped more and more into the kingdom people God has called us to be. Here are a couple ways we can continue to grow together even while we keep a safe distance from one another.

  1. House Groups: Have some time on your hands and want to join a House Group? We’re happy to add you right now! Contact Ross Weener. We’ll be reaching out to our House Group facilitators this week and see what electronic options there are to finish our three sessions of reading and learning together.
  2. We Wonder podcast: This podcast has daily prayers, and a weekly bible lesson through lent. It is good for people of all ages to engage. You can find the podcast HERE.
  3. Read: Find a favorite author or theologian that helps you grow in your faith. Reread that favorite book, or venture into new territory. If you don’t know where to start give one of your pastors an email, they’d love to give you a recommendation!

Serve With Us

  1. Continue our tithes and offerings: The AACRC supports many organizations and missionaries that are being directly affected by this pandemic and it is through our offerings and tithes that we can continue to support ourselves and the ministries we are in partnership with. As our church office hours will be variable, we encourage you to mail a check or you can use the My Well Giving app. Thank you for continuing to support the good work of God through the Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church.
  2. Care for one another: COVID-19 affects those over 60 and those with health concerns most critically. Therefore, some have needed to distance themselves from others in this time. We’re looking for people willing to make a grocery run, pick up a prescription, or run an essential errand for those who are most at risk. You can sign up to be a helper by adding your name to the list using the link found in your “Connections” newsletter. If you have a need you would like assistance with, please contact a pastor or your elder.
  3. UPDATE–Rotating Shelter: It is with great sadness and grief that we made the difficult decision to release our volunteers from their Rotating Shelter commitments. This decision was made for the protection and safety of our volunteers and all those involved. We are continuing to offer our building space and resources to the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County (SAWC) to house their guests as needed. If you are still interested in assisting the SAWC, please contact them directly.
  4. NEW NEED! Groceries for Hesed Community Church/Cohort Detroit
    We have the opportunity to help meet an urgent need that has been brought to our attention by our ministry partners from Hesed Community Church and Cohort Detroit. The request is for the AACRC to fill at least 10 boxes filled with food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies. These will be distributed in the Brightmoor and Morningside neighborhoods. Brightmoor and Morningside communities are already in food deserts, and increased food demand means that residents rely even more heavily on food from grocery stores which are raising prices daily, making food even less accessible for residents.Here are the food items for the boxes: 
    Food: Meat (Ground Beef, Chicken), Canned Goods, Milk, Eggs, Bread, Fruit, Snacks/Dessert
    Supplies: Hand Sanitizer, Liquid Hand soap, Tissue, Household cleaning stuff, Toiletries;Please bring your items to the office conference room by Tuesday, March 31st where Nathan Groenewold will pick them up and bring them to these neighborhoods. You may place your freezer, refrigerated items in the fridges upstairs in the kitchen. Thank you for thinking of our neighbors!
  5. Hope Clinic: Hope Clinic is committed to staying open during this time. Please consider their requests HERE. (Hope has two immediate needs: masks for the Dental Clinic and hand sanitizer for entrances, waiting rooms and the food program.) and drop off the items or volunteer your time to help those most affected by stoppages of school and work. If you are unable to personally get out but would like to make a cash donation, that is also welcome at this time!
  6. Finally, the Red Cross is in need of blood as many blood drives have been cancelled. If you feel up to it, please contact the Red Cross and please consider donating blood to help with the shortage


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