Serve 2017 at AACRC
July 22-28, 2017

Speaker for the week, Cara Maat, from Zeeland, MI.
Theme of Authentic Community

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As we’ve had opportunity for conversation with many of you we have run across some questions that have come up more than once. So here are some answers to your FAQ’s:

  • Q. How many students will be coming?
    A. We expect somewhere between 60-70 students to register to come. They will be accompanied by 12-15 leaders and vehicles. Those leaders act as work & small group leaders.
  • Q. Where will they stay & Will they bathe?
    A. Our church will be the ministry hub for the week. We will eat, sleep, worship, play, and fellowship right here at AACRC. Our service projects will be done at offsite locations
    A. Yes, clean middle schoolers are happy middle schoolers! We have a number of options for either getting showers on-site or looking to leverage community connections for shower use. If you have any expertise in this area, please contact someone on the leadership team.
  • Q. How will we keep the congregation “in the loop” regarding planning and volunteer needs?
    A. Good question! The Serve Leadership Team has plans to keep the congregation engaged with a multi-pronged communication strategy that includes use of On Broadway, all-church email, visual cues, and Moments for Ministry. In the meantime, please lift the team and the planning process up in prayer.
  • Q. Who can I talk to if I have questions or want to volunteer?
    A. Our talented Serve Leadership Team, of course!
    • Ryan Boes
    • Hank Byma & Bill Vander Roest, Worksite Co-Coordinators
    • Victor Chen, Community Life Coordinator
    • Sue De Zeeuw, Spiritual Life Coordinator
    • Darlene DeVries, Food Coordinator
    • Ross Weener, Host Team Coordinator