Our Current Focus

What? Oikos: a series on making room
When? September to November 2018
Where? AACRC worship and house groups

We think we know hospitality. After all, hospitality is a common word. There is a hospitality industry—hosts and hostesses at restaurants seat and serve us. The concierge at a nice hotel will welcome us to our room and to the city we are visiting.

Yet hospitality uncovers an uncommon idea; the idea that we are welcome. Many of us don’t feel like there is welcome in our world. We are lonely. Social isolation is at epic proportions according to the CDC. There is a deep longing for community in a world where we are further and further removed from it.

Somewhere, somehow, we have forgotten the story of God and Creation. We were created in the image of the Triune God. We were created for community, living in relationship with God, other people, and the rest of creation.

This fall we will explore together the invitation God extends to us to come and live in relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. We will discover in new ways the depths of God’s hospitality to us and the hospitality we are to extend to people we live among. We will be challenged. Barriers to hospitality will be encountered and overcome. We will be called to mend broken relationships. The hospitality of God will call us to show the same to others. Jesus’ teachings and those of the Apostles will guide us.

Oikos is the Greek word for house and household. What household will we be called and encouraged to build here at the Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church? How will we see and experience the world differently looking at it from God’s hospitable perspective? Let the journey begin.

Fall 2018 Schedule:
Sept. 9 – Pastor Ryan: A Vision and a Calling
Sept. 16 – Pastor John: Hospitality as Salvation
Sept. 23 – Pastor Ryan: Making Room for Love
Sept. 30 – Pastor John: Hospitality as Gospel
Oct. 7 – TBD
Oct. 14 – Dr. Travis West: Making Room for the Story
Oct. 21 – Pastor Ryan: Hospitality as Prophetic Witness
Oct. 28 – Rev. Dr. Tim Brown (Reformation Sunday)
Nov. 4 – Rev. Kate Kooyman: Making Room for Justice
Nov. 11 – Pastor John: Making Room for Difference
Nov. 18 – Pastor Ryan: Entertaining Angels
Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving Day Service (9:30 AM)
Nov. 25 – Pastor John: Welcoming God the Stranger