Council Members and Officers
For the Church Year 7/1/16 to 6/30/17

Council Officers

Jen Boes, President of Council
Todd Redder, Clerk of Council
Phil Boonstra, Vice-President of Council


Council At-Large Members

Jonathan Cooper
Muriel Learned
Paul Steen


Shepherding Elders

Larry Gruppen – Chair
John Groen, Liaison – Admin Board
Ryan Boes, Liaison – Admin Board
Karen Ludema
Victor Chen
Dave Cummins
Jason Wang
Gladys Thonus


Service Deacons

Mike Cuffle, Chair
Matt Admiraal – Liaison to Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley
Phil Palmbos – Liaison to Hope Clinic
Peter Boldenow – Liaison to Friends In Deed
Cathy Green – Liaison to CAP and Social Justice Committee
Neal Kessler – Liaison to Emmanuel House and Family Life Services



Tom Larson