Council Members and Officers
For the Church Year 7/1/17 to 6/30/18

Council Officers

Phil Boonstra, President of Council
Bill Vander Molen, Vice-President of Council
Paul Steen, Clerk


Administrative Elder

Jonathan Cooper


Council Leadership Team

Phil Boonstra
Bill VanderMolen
Larry Gruppen
Peter Boldenow
John Groen
Ryan Boes


Shepherding Elders

Larry Gruppen, Chair
John Groen, Pastor
Ryan Boes, Pastor
Karen Ludema
Victor Chen
Gladys Thonus
Sue DeZeeuw
Bev Kraker
Chris Van Ee


Service Deacons

Peter Boldenow, Chair (
Matt Admiraal, Liaison to Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley
Leslie Doorlag, Liaison to CAP and Social Justice Committee
Phil Palmbos, Liaison to Hope Clinic
Rachel Bush, Liaison to Friends In Deed
Amber Diemer, Liaison to Emmanuel House and Family Life Services



Mike Cuffle (