Covenant of Shared Values

Adopted by Council: October 8, 2012 / Revised December 5, 2013

Dear Friends and Members,

As members of Council we are embracing our vision of “Loving God and Serving People” by committing ourselves to five values around which we desire to center our lives and the ministries of our church:

Welcoming — We are committed to being a welcoming community that follows Christ by practicing hospitality as a lifestyle; that accepts all people and excludes no one; that manages differences in love so that respect and trust can grow; and that fosters openness to people by listening to and learning from them.

Learning — We are committed to being a learning community that encourages us to explore complex questions, seeking answers under God’s guidance; that encourages everyone to center their lives in Jesus Christ as their Lord and teacher; that faces new challenges with confidence; that unites us in common cause; and that asks God daily to enlarge our vision.

Healing — We are committed to being a healing community where we and others can find healing for our hurts, pains, addictions and dysfunctions; that encourages us to pursue a holy lifestyle and move toward wholeness of body and soul; that accepts everyone as Christ has accepted us; that encourages us to be authentic with each other; and that promotes justice, peace, reconciliation and compassion as a lifestyle.

Liberating — We are committed to being a liberating community that enables and helps people to grow in personal holiness and live in the power of God’s Spirit; that encourages a spiritual lifestyle that is attuned to the presence of the Holy Spirit; that encourages people to bridge differences of race, gender, age, education and wealth; and that encourages people to learn and practice new habits that are life-giving and life-nurturing .

Thriving — We are committed to being a thriving community that loves God and neighbor; that desires to worship God in all areas of life; that reaches out and disciples; that is not afraid of the future; that embraces the best parts of our past without resisting change; that removes barriers between various demographic groups by enlisting the strengths of each in following Jesus; and that asks us all to love the world as God loves the world.

We as Pastors and Council invite you to embrace this “Covenant of Shared Values” with us. We will be looking for opportunities in the weeks and months ahead to engage you in dialog about these values as we seek to follow Jesus in becoming everything that God’s wants us to be.