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WWLAB – Bos – Haiti – March 2018
Thank you for praying for Barb last week! She returned on schedule from Haiti last week after completing the installation and training at Hospital de Bienfaisance of Pignon in Haiti…read more…
WISH – Beyond The Fence – February 2018 Newsletter
We are so appreciative of the WISH and Wesleyan staff that help make these ministries run. They labor daily and are often behind the scenes doing many different kinds of jobs all the while offering us friendship and advice. Last year many of us missionaries started talking about hosting all of the staff and their families for a fun activity. Our MK teacher, Brittany decided to organize the activity, so a date was selected and the 1st Annual Family Fun Day was planned. We had water balloon games, an obstacle course, a ball toss, face painting, ping pong, relay races, soccer, and other impromptu games. The day ended with hot dogs, salads, and watermelon. We were thrilled with the turnout of over 150 people and loved the opportunity to celebrate family and fun together…read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Padilla-DeBorst – Twin Peaks – February 2018
6 kids together: so grateful!
With Maya in Boston, Anton in Houston, Jonathan in Oakland, Maria Isabel in Bogotá (Colombia), Luana and Natalia in New York, and us in Costa Rica, it’s quite a feat to get us together! We are thankful that, though short, we had the opportunity to gather over New Year’s. We continue praying that each of our “adulting” kids continues finding their way in life, growing, serving, developing skills and character, in full knowledge of God’s and our love for them…read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Huyser – Prayer Letter – January-February 2018
Finding Lydia
A couple of weeks ago I traveled to New York City hoping to find Lydia.
I did not go to New York alone. I went as part of the Mission Innovation Team of Resonate. It is our task as a team to help lead Resonate and the Christian Reformed Church in finding Lydia…read more…
Fridsro – Perera – December 2017
Let me take this opportunity on behalf of my family and the extended Fridsro family to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We are so glad that we can celebrate the birth of our Savior once again with friends and family.
I am sure this past year has brought us all sorrows and joys but through it all we have experienced the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Grace of God to see us through and help us celebrate!…read more…
COM – Lynn & Mary Degener – December 2017 Newsletter
This year we included Chinese Christian Fellowship Church in our Christmas Dinner to make it the best ever with 100 Chinese and 30 American servers and table host. The message of “Christ in Christmas” was all given in Chinese. The best thing happened at the end of the talk. Our Chinese guest were given a “Response Survey” card. On it there were 5 questions for them to respond to. The 2 most important questions were: I would like to know more about Jesus (19 responded) and I would like to visit an American Christian Church on Christmas. (13 responded) read more…
CFS-Campus Chapel – Fall 2017 Inklings
Alumni Spotlight – Those familiar with Allyson during her Ann Arbor days will not be surprised to learn that her vocation involves getting healthy and sustainably-grown food in the hands of as many people as possible. Her dual Masters degrees from UM’s School of Public Health and School of Natural Resources and Environment led her to Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN (now Augsburg University) to be the Director of their Campus Kitchen. She is also the school’s Chief Sustainability Officer……read more…
DAAM – Robinson – Fall 2017 Newsletter
…This June, SERVE, a youth organization with Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church, answered God’s call. For three days teenagers came and sorted, threw out, cleaned and transformed the clothing room….read more…


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