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DAAM – Robinson – Fall 2017 Newsletter
…This June, SERVE, a youth organization with Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church, answered God’s call. For three days teenagers came and sorted, threw out, cleaned and transformed the clothing room….read more…
WISH – Beyond The Fence – September 2017 Newsletter
Because water is vital to life, there are many organizations in Haiti that use a variety of ways to provide free water to people who do not have the financial ability to purchase water. It is fairly common to see good programs wane and end as funding, interest and good intentions dry up.
This is where WISH has been able to stand apart from so many other organizations. One of the biggest ministries of WISH is the waterline. The gravity fed 2 Km pipeline carries water over land through the ravine. Once the pipeline arrives at the outskirts of Anse-à-Galets, it runs under land to 18 public fountains, several schools and churches, a few government buildings, the Wesleyan hospital, and our compound….read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Huyser – Prayer Letter – September 2017
And then there was Africa
In Arusha, Tanzania, we were part of the biennial TEA (Theological Education in Africa) conference organized by Resonate. 541 people attended from twelve countries of Eastern and Southern Africa. The attendees represented 59 different denominations and 31 theological institutions…..read more…
Fridsro – Perera – Summer – 2017
Kuru from Jaffna lost his right leg during the civil war when he was young boy. He was helpless in every way and rejected by his family, relatives and society. For many years he was all alone and moving around using a hand-made cart. Eventually he decided to get out of this misery and started growing vegetables on some land and collecting firewood to strengthen his income. After some time he was given two cows by another aid organization and he started to gain his life and livelihood back…read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Padilla-DeBorst – Twin Peaks – August 2017
The challenge is that our team is small, and only a couple of us are with CETI full time. We are all stretched beyond capacity. We cannot but ask: “How does one fruitfully respond to so many ministry opportunities?” We will soon be holding a full evaluation of CETI, seeking to discern priorities and sustainability of our programs. We are grateful for the commitment of our partners and supporters, and appreciate the prayers, recommendations, and volunteer work offered…..read more…
ISI – Champoux – August 2017
Pray for – that many students would sign up on our website and attend the September 2 Lake Party…read more…
COM – Lynnn & Mary Degener – June 2017 Newsletter
Our National COM Staff Conference was held at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center at the end of April. Cannon Beach is remotely located right on the Pacific Ocean near Portland, Oregon. This was the first time to have this conference on the West Coast. During the conference the Presidency of COM was officially transferred from Glen Osborn to Daniel Su. Mary and I have known both of these Godly men since we joined COM and we appreciate their contributions and leadership. read more…
CFS-Campus Chapel – Spring 2017 Inklings
The ProVocation Project, a collaboration of the Center for Faith and Scholarship and the Lilly Foundation’s Campus Ministry Theological Exploration of Vocation, wrapped up its second year
in April by saying goodbye to our 2016-17 Fellows cohort and saying hello to our incoming group for 2017-18…..read more…
WWLAB – Bos – Real Hope for Haiti – March 2017

March 20/17 James flew out of Kalamazoo Michigan to Cazale Haiti to install and train at Real Hope for Haiti. This was a brand new lab install. From the pictures you can see that it was also a very small lab install! read more…


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Newsletters from formerly supported or other missions

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