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Resonate Global Mission – Huyser – Prayer Letter – December 2017
A God of surprises.
…God continued to be a God of surprises for the early church. One of the Resonate teams of which I am a member has spent a lot of time with Acts 16. Paul and Silas were expecting to evangelize in Asia but were “kept by the Spirit” from going there. Then Paul had a vision of a “man” from Macedonia asking them for help. They had not planned to go to Europe! But God had even more surprises for them. God lead them not to the customary synagogue but to a river bank and not to a “man” but a woman by the name of Lydia…read more…
Fridsro – Perera – November 2017
Empowering Child Protection Committees in the Kandy District
Currently there are about 19 Child Development Centres (Children’s Homes) in the Kandy district with approximately 576 children calling them home. Poverty is the number one reason that children are institutionalized. In many cases, children who are abandoned due to extreme poverty end up on the streets and are exposed to crime, theft, drugs, sexual abuse, and child labor. As of now, there are over 3000 such children who are still in need of protection. According to our studies, there is a possibility that many of the institutionalized children could receive alternate care within their own communities and families. Lack of knowledge about alternative care systems result in institutional care being known as the only solution…..read more…
WISH – Beyond The Fence – November 2017 Newsletter
November is the month when a lot of us focus on gratitude. We certainly have much to be grateful for. Friends and family near and far who love us and encourage us and support us in so many ways.
And at the same time, there is so much sadness all around us. …read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Padilla-DeBorst – Twin Peaks – November 2017
Our last bag is zipped up. The duplex is clean. We’re all checked in. And tomorrow night we’ll be sleeping in our own bed at Casa Adobe!
These have been rich months of interaction with many of you, family, friends –old and new–, churches, students, faculty and administrators of educational institutions. We’ve learned along the way and enjoyed sharing about our life and ministry at Casa Adobe, with the Cohort of Missioners, with CETI and with INFEMIT. Thanks to all who welcomed us! We count on staying in touch –even across the miles! And Casa Adobe awaits you!
…..read more…
CFS-Campus Chapel – Fall 2017 Inklings
Alumni Spotlight – Those familiar with Allyson during her Ann Arbor days will not be surprised to learn that her vocation involves getting healthy and sustainably-grown food in the hands of as many people as possible. Her dual Masters degrees from UM’s School of Public Health and School of Natural Resources and Environment led her to Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN (now Augsburg University) to be the Director of their Campus Kitchen. She is also the school’s Chief Sustainability Officer……read more…
ISI – Champoux – Fall 2017
These photos show the fun we had at our 4th annual Pumpkin Carving party with Indian students at our home. Bobbing for apples, hot apple cider and chili was the atmosphere for some great spiritual conversations…read more…
DAAM – Robinson – Fall 2017 Newsletter
…This June, SERVE, a youth organization with Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church, answered God’s call. For three days teenagers came and sorted, threw out, cleaned and transformed the clothing room….read more…
COM – Lynnn & Mary Degener – June 2017 Newsletter
Our National COM Staff Conference was held at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center at the end of April. Cannon Beach is remotely located right on the Pacific Ocean near Portland, Oregon. This was the first time to have this conference on the West Coast. During the conference the Presidency of COM was officially transferred from Glen Osborn to Daniel Su. Mary and I have known both of these Godly men since we joined COM and we appreciate their contributions and leadership. read more…
WWLAB – Bos – Real Hope for Haiti – March 2017
March 2017 James flew out of Kalamazoo Michigan to Cazale Haiti to install and train at Real Hope for Haiti. This was a brand new lab install. From the pictures you can see that it was also a very small lab install! read more…


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