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ePray April 24, 2017
CRWM – Padilla-DeBorst – Twin Peaks – April 20176
For our family, 2017 is a year of graduations and open-ended questions.
We are looking forward to celebrating Luana’s graduation from Sarah Lawrence (New York) on May 19, Ruth’s PhD hooding ceremony at Boston University on May 20, and Jonathan’s graduation from Evergreen State College on June 17. While Maya continues in Boston and Maria Isabel in Bogotá, Colombia, Natalia will begin college at New York University late August. Meanwhile, Anton, Jonathan and Luana are all wondering and searching for their next steps. And we wonder what an empty nest will feel like!
….read more…
ISI – Champoux – Easter 2017
We seek to make disciples among the 141 countries that God has brought to this area as Jesus did… through much prayer and serving people. We serve and develop friendships in various ways. Recently, I took V (in photo below) and 2 of his friends (S & N) to Shipshewana to visit the Amish community. We had dinner with an Amish family, rode a buggy and helped to milk their cows. We talked about quality of life and purpose of life…….read more…
CRWM Advocate – April 2017 News
The Board of Trustees of the Christian Reformed Church has recommended Rev. Zachary King to head its new mission agency. This recommendation will go to synod for ratification in June……read more…
Fridsro – Perera – March – 2017
By Mohamed Iqbal, (Our team member directing the Global Leadership Summit in Sri Lanka)
Yes, this GLS was a surprise to me and the idea left me feeling a bit pessimistic. Given the remoteness of the location, I was skeptical and expected only about 50 participants, 75 at most. God showed me how wrong I can be – that’s for sure!
The first shocker occurred as virtually all the participants came on time – something not usually practiced by the culture of this area. As we began the Summit, we realized that still more and more people kept filtering into seats. …read more…
CRWM – Huyser – Prayer Letter – March 2017
Joel, reporting on Prayer Summit 2017, says “To be the church is also to pray together for God’s Kingdom to come on earth as it already is in heaven. We prayed at dawn in Korean style and later in small groups of three or four. We were challenged by missionaries to the Middle East, East Africa, and Philadelphia. We did a prayer walk in the neighborhood around the church and heard from the first missionary sent by the Korean church who is now over 90 years of age.”….read more…
WISH – Beyond The Fence – March 2017 Newsletter
In February we had a father and son team come down to work on a project for a school in Ter Sel. We have been impressed over the past months at the impact team members have on our own kids. In this case, Rob not only spent time with his teenage son, he included our teenage son. They spent time planning the construction project, buying materials, and then preparing the supplies.

Each day the father and son spent hours together working on this project. When our son was finished his school-work, he eagerly joined them, soaking up their presence and also learning construction skills. It has been a gift to see the Godly influence of men and women on our children….read more…

WWLAB – Bos – Real Hope for Haiti – March 2017

March 20/17 James flew out of Kalamazoo Michigan to Cazale Haiti to install and train at Real Hope for Haiti. This was a brand new lab install. From the pictures you can see that it was also a very small lab install! read more…

DAAM – Robinson – Winter 2017 Newsletter
I know everyone understands how preparation for camp start the day we leave the previous year. Evaluations, thoughts, ideas, prayers – all go up immediately! All of this effort goes into assuring success from God. 2016 – our camp week was all to God’s glory!…read more…
CFS-Campus Chapel – Winter 2016 Inklings
The ProVocation Project of CFS, funded by a grant from the Lilly Endowment through its Campus Ministry Theological Exploration of Vocation project, hosted two events this fall. On October 4, Professor Andy Hoffman, Holcim Professor at the Ross Business School and the Graham lnstitute, spoke at a luncheon about his understanding of vocation….read more…
COM – Lynnn & Mary Degener
In this season of Thanksgiving we are humbled that God would choose us to be His messenger here. We have the awesome privilege to give the message of hope (Jesus) for the first time into the lives of many of China’s future leaders. However it is not easy for them to openly become a believer.read more…


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