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CFS-Campus Chapel – Spring 2018 Inklings
Every spring our newsletter includes a “Kudos and Farewells” section to honor graduates and say goodbye to those who are leaving the Chapel. It’s a valuable tradition because a community as transient as ours needs to say goodbye well.
This spring is different, though, as we say farewell to our pastor of sixteen years, Rolf Bouma….read more…
WISH – Beyond The Fence – May 2018 Newsletter
In 1968 Tony Wolf began the ministry of WISH on La Gonave. It was with great joy we joined together 50 years later to celebrate the ministry of WISH in the community of Anse-à-Galets. We wish you all could have been here, but we are thankful for the prayers and the support of so many throughout the years who have contributed to all of the different programs. There have been tears of joy and tears of sadness along the way. However, WISH is committed to Sharing Christ’s love and partnering with Haitians to build a sustainable community. ..read more…
WWLAB – Bos – Update – May 25 2018
Thank you for praying for Sue Johnston last week.
She returned on Sunday night as planned from Real Hope for Haiti.
She was able to complete the training once the baggage finally arrived and she had the analyzer!
We’re thankful for her flexibility!…read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Huyser – Prayer Letter – May-June 2018
Questions. At the end of April, I went to Haiti with questions. When I came home in the first days of May I still had questions. Perhaps questions that were even more difficult than those I had before my visit to Haiti.
I am not sure I like questions. I think I like answers better than questions. Clear, unequivocal answers with no shades of gray…read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Padilla-DeBorst – Twin Peaks – May 2018
CETI took some daring steps this April in Brazil. We combined a Master’s Course on Narrative Theology and Life with an Open Course, and did it bilingually, in Spanish and Portuguese, in order to welcome Brazilian students. Over 30, especially young, leaders were challenged and encouraged to do theology and nourish the faith walk fo their churches. Pictured here are some Master’s students.
While we were there, we also were called to awareness, prayer and action as we witnessed the stark contrast between wealth and poverty, opportunity and lack thereof. Please pray with us for Brazil –and the rest of our Latin American countries– and especially for the church in these contexts. May we live out God’s love in word, deed and sign!…read more…
DAAM – Robinson – January – April 2018 Updates
Although the following event took place in October of last year, some of you might not have been aware of its happening. It was too late to include it in our September through December newsletter, so we felt it would be remiss of us not to include it as part of our updates at this time. Pastor Ryan Boes of Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church along with Bill Vander Roest and Phil Palmbos were very welcomed guests at D.A.A.M., Inc. October 29, 2017. We were excited about their coming and were looking forward to hearing what the Lord had placed on Pastor Ryan’s heart to share with us that Sunday. We would soon realize that God had sent us a challenge and a blessing all wrapped up together in a single question, What Does God Require?, with a clear-cut answer in a single verse, Micha 6:8…..read more…
Fridsro – Perera – December 2017
Let me take this opportunity on behalf of my family and the extended Fridsro family to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We are so glad that we can celebrate the birth of our Savior once again with friends and family.
I am sure this past year has brought us all sorrows and joys but through it all we have experienced the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Grace of God to see us through and help us celebrate!…read more…
COM – Lynn & Mary Degener – December 2017 Newsletter
This year we included Chinese Christian Fellowship Church in our Christmas Dinner to make it the best ever with 100 Chinese and 30 American servers and table host. The message of “Christ in Christmas” was all given in Chinese. The best thing happened at the end of the talk. Our Chinese guest were given a “Response Survey” card. On it there were 5 questions for them to respond to. The 2 most important questions were: I would like to know more about Jesus (19 responded) and I would like to visit an American Christian Church on Christmas. (13 responded) read more…


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