We have been blessed to have Pastor Ryan and the Boes family serving with us for ten years this month!  Enjoy these photos that tell some of the story of this journey together in faith, relive a few memories, share in Jaime’s reflections, and maybe think about sending them a note sharing your own memories and appreciation.

Memories from Pastor Ryan’s installation and the Boes family welcome party

March 2011, 10 Years ago this month


A note from Jaime Ventura, council president

Ten years ago this month, Pastor Ryan and the Boes family (then just Megan, Aspen and Moses!) moved to Ann Arbor from Iowa. Ryan was called to the Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church to take up the role of Pastor of Family and Youth and we are so glad they came!

Ryan has had a big impact on our church over the last decade. He advocated strongly for weekly communion shortly after his arrival and now its hard to imagine a service at the AACRC without that regular sacrament. Ryan’s dissertation work brought us all into a greater understanding of the intersection of our theology and the food we eat. He helped us streamline our youth programs and introduced new ideas like the Paraclete project. Ryan has always been willing to do the hard, relational work of being in community with the people around him. You might disagree with something Ryan said in a sermon, but he is always willing to sit down and talk to you about it over a cup of coffee. That is what God calls us to do!

Megan got involved in the life of the church right from the start as well, volunteering as a coffee break leader. She has been heavily involved in our women’s ministries over the years and is currently one of our high school youth group leaders, even accompanying our students to Costa Rica on their last international missions trip. She has been a steadying presence for Ryan and the congregation.

Our current focus on Christian hospitality is rooted in Ryan and Megan’s passion for welcoming people to be in community with one another. One of the things I really admire about Ryan and Megan is that they practice what he preaches (literally). They have opened their home and lives to many people over the years. They have helped people in need in very tangible ways. Reaching out to the marginalized is a regular practice. Hospitality isn’t just a nice idea for the Boeses, it’s something they live out on a day-to-day basis.

As it comes to mind, I would encourage you to reach out to Ryan and Megan in the coming weeks and share a memory or a word of thanks or encouragement as we celebrate ten years of sharing life together.

Jaime Ventura
Council President

Through the years…

Megan, Aspen, and Ryan Boes at Pastor Ryan’s installation, March 2011

Connect nights work to bring generations together, March 2013

Co-pastors Pastor John and Pastor Ryan meet with communion servers before worship, 2014

Enjoying Dads and Donuts work day with Greyson, 2014

Sitting down for a conversation with Vince Smith about Detroit’s Team Gardens, 2015

We reflect with and honor and bless our graduating students, 2016

Pastor Ryan gives thanks and feasts with youth ministry volunteers, 2016

Welcoming a new daughter in baptism, February 2020, just before the “Stay Home. Stay Safe.” order was enacted

Pastor Ryan with our council in a new-style virtual meeting, 2020.

Pastor appreciation 2020, pandemic style!