The 40 days of Lent are a time when we pause to consider our relationship with God, the world, others, and ourselves. It is a time to reconnect and find a restoration of relationship, a renewed space of “withness.”

This Lent, we invite you into a Lenten prayer practice. This tactile prayer experience uses simple actions with paper and a scissors to invite us into a space of contemplation and commitment to our walk with Jesus. As we create leaf-like diamonds, we mourn our disconnect from Jesus, name what keeps us apart, ponder the Spirit’s call to return, and imagine what saying yes to God looks like right now.  How is God with us? How might we be called to be “with” ?

How do you enter into this prayer practice? Gather a pair of scissors and paper (half sheets from magazines like The Banner work well). You can explore this practice using the Lenten prayer practice YouTube video to guide you through the meditation or using the printed guide (open PDF or print out) which gives you the space to move through the practice at your own pace.

How can you contribute to our prayer installation? You are invited to drop off or mail in one or more of your paper leaves to church. If this becomes a weekly Sunday practice, you could even drop off some every week. We are going to create an installation on the front wall of our sanctuary throughout Lent that will grow—with our  folded paper leaves, offered prayers—into a communal tree of meditations. 

As we worship together, whether live or in-person, we will be able to see this visible representation of our prayers for this Lenten journey of “withness”.