Present in Body: Resurrection Stories

Worship Focus, April 19 through Pentecost 2020

After his resurrection but before his ascension, Jesus spent 40 days walking this earth. The New Testament writers show the risen Jesus eating, teaching, assuring, and embracing. And while Christ’s embodied, post-resurrection presence has fascinated the church for millennia, it holds particular power during this time of social distancing. What does it mean that Jesus can both walk through walls and still be physically touched? What can we learn from a resurrected body that still eats food? What comfort might we find in his promise to be with the disciples, even to the very end of the age?

Join us for the next few weeks as we explore the implications of Christ’s bodily resurrection, and how the Holy Spirit enlivens our embodied reality right here and now—even while we grapple with new challenges to being an embodied people and an embodied church.

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April 19, 2020—John 20:19-31 (Pastor Ryan)
April 26, 2020—Luke 24:13-35 (Pastor Ryan)
May 3, 2020—Matthew 28:16-20 (Pastor Noah)
May 10, 2020—John 21:1-19 (Pastor Kristen)
May 17, 2020—Luke 24:36-49 (Pastor Ryan)
May 21, 2020—Ascension Day (Thursday) Acts 1 (Pastor Noah)
May 24, 2020—Acts 9
May 31, 2020—Pentecost