House Groups

We are excited to announce a new season of our small group ministry, House Groups, with the book Leaving Egypt: Finding God in the Wilderness Places by Chuck DeGroat. As we at the AACRC walk through the book of Exodus in worship this fall we will look at how Dr. DeGroat’s book, Leaving Egypt, is a book of our need for personal liberation and how God is seeking to redeem us all from places of oppression in our lives. Whether it is addiction, substance abuse, an unhealthy relationship, broken trust, or just a way of being in this world that just isn’t working—we all need to leave Egypt and enter the new life God is offering.

Dates: Fall House Groups begin September 29 and will meet six times until December 8th (Sep 29, Oct 13 & 27, Nov 10 & 24, Dec 8)
Times offered:
1) Sunday morning during the Faith Formation Hour (9:15 AM), nursery provided and
2) Sunday afternoons (specific time and location up to each group)
3) If you are interested in joining a House Group that’s great! They are always open, just contact Ross Weener

Books: At the beginning of September there will a table where you can pick up your book (FREE!)
Who will be in my group? Groups will be include EVERYONE, and will be randomly generated.

Reading Schedule:
September 29 – Introduction and Chapters 1-2
October 13 – Chapter 4
October 27 – Chapters 5-6
November 10 – Chapters 9-10
November 24 – Chapter 12
November 8 – Chapters 13 & 16