Guest post by
Matt Admiraal, AACRC Volunteer

This past Saturday, May 1, several members from our church had the opportunity to serve at the Hesed Community Church, which at first glance looks more like a house.  We divided into three work groups. One group worked on demolition projects at a house that Hesed purchased for ministry opportunities.  A second group worked on preparing raised garden beds for a community garden. The third group worked on cleaning up around the house of a neighbor who lives in the Brightmoor neighborhood and who is active with Hesed. All felt a sense of accomplishment as the day ended, and deeply valued the opportunities to connect with people in the Brightmoor community while reconnecting with members from our own congregation.  People of all ages from our church enjoyed serving together.

Though Hesed Community Church doesn’t have the appearance of what we think of as a church building, what I saw on Saturday was the active church in which individuals shared the love of Christ by loving our neighbors through service and spending enjoyable time together.   Praise God for such a wonderful opportunity!

A big thank you to all who served and to those who provided food and drink for those who served.