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Lent 2022

Check out this video from Pastor Noah introducing our Lent 2022 series, “Turning Toward”


What’s happening fall 2020

I shared this update about what is happening at AACRC fall 2020 during worship on August 23.  Wanted to share it again here, in case you missed it.   – Pastor Ryan


I am a servant of this church as one of your three pastors and I’d like to give an update to you about what we’ve been working really hard on. Council members, elders, deacons, staff, pastors, we’ve continued to work very hard, as many of you have. We continue to think about what this church looks like heading into the fall and I wanted to give you that update.  Continue reading

Worship fall 2020: Acts of the apostles in a culture of change

the static and dynamic nature of the called people of Jesus

For fall of 2020 we invite you to join us for a worship series on the book of Acts in the Bible. Acts is a book about the disciples of Jesus following the call of their Lord into the world to be his witnesses. They are led by the promised Holy Spirit into the future of the kingdom. This future was unknown and sometimes difficult. The Church was built through the acts of the faithful, empowered by the Spirit in a brave new world. Today, the Church continues to move forward toward God’s good future. We are guided by the Church who went before, and yet we continue to move into an unknown future. This fall we will look at how the Church lived in this tension of being rooted in Christ and led by the Spirit so that we too may stay faithful to the call of Christ on our lives and participate in God’s coming kingdom.

Reading plan

You are invited to read the chapters in the week approaching each Sunday as you prepare your heart to hear God’s word

September 13 Acts 1-2
September 20 Acts 3-5
September 27 Acts 6-7
October 4  Acts 8-9
October 11  Acts 10-11
October 18  Acts 12-14
October 25  Acts 15-17
November 1  Acts 18-20
November 8  Acts 21-22
November 15  Acts 23-26
November 22  Acts 27-28

Sundays in Acts, fall 2020

Sep 6, 2020: Acts 1, Our Call and our Center (Pastor Ryan)
Sep 13, 2020: Acts 2, Our Guide and our Path (Pastor Noah)
Sep 20, 2020: Acts 4, Peter and John before the Sanhedrin (Pastor Ryan)
Sep 27, 2020: Acts 6, The choosing of the seven (Pastor Kristen)
Oct 4, 2020: Acts 8:26-40, Phillip and the Ethiopian (Pastor Ryan)
Oct 11, 2020: Acts 10, Peter’s Vision (Pastor Noah)
Oct 18, 2020: Acts 13, Rooting the way of Jesus in the Hebrew bible (Pastor Ryan)
Oct 25, 2020: Acts 15, The council of Jerusalem (Pastor Ryan)
Nov 1, 2020: Acts 16:16-34, Paul and Silas speak the gospel to power (Pastor Kristen)
Nov 8, 2020: Acts 17, Paul in Athens (Pastor Ryan)
Nov 15, 2020: Acts 27:27-44, The shipwreck (Pastor Ryan)
Nov 22, 2020: Acts 28: 17-31, Paul preaches in Rome (Pastor Noah)

Worship streams live every Sunday on YouTube at 10:30 am
Find a weekly worship link on our homepage aacrc.org, archives at aacrc.org/sermons, or find us at YouTube.com/AnnArborCRC/videos.

You are invited to join a house group and dive a little deeper into Acts this fall.  Email Rachel at the church office to find a group.

Finding words: prayer resources for a pandemic

From Pastor Kristen Livingston and Jen Boes

The Coronavirus has come as a huge shock to us, and within a very short time it has radically challenged our attitudes and behaviors. Our lives have narrowed and everyday tasks have suddenly become challenging. Social distancing brings new routines and sometimes spaces of loneliness. In the midst of this, our connection to God and our life of prayer, one that might have seemed centered and on track, can begin to feel troubled. But God hasn’t moved away from us! As we pray, we know that even though we are apart in body, God connects us through the power of the Spirit. What words might we offer as we seek to faithfully respond to where we find ourselves?

Here you will find resources that we have found to be life-giving aids to prayer, that are helping connect us to God. Some are online. Some are podcasts. Some are books. They range from ancient to modern, and from specific-for-right-now to timeless. Continue reading

Thanksgiving, song, and wondering – notes from our pastors

Hey Friends,

I’m writing to you all today as I prepare for Sunday’s sermon. If this year were like any other year, I’d be prepping for a service that is one of my favorites of the year—our Friendship service. In that service we remember the year that was for our Friendship Ministry and show hospitality to all of our friends as they join us. This year, unfortunately, we won’t be having that service. And it got me thinking about all the special things we miss in our shared worshiping life together.

I have missed our Roots service where our middle school students and leaders share and lead worship. I have missed our GEMS and Cadet services that are such a blessing. I have also missed how our Sunday rhythm begins with faith formation in house groups, Big House Sunday, or, for our children, our Kid Connection. I have missed how that faith formation disciples us and shapes us. And, I have missed coming into worship with all of you.

So, I wanted to take an opportunity to do a couple of things. First, as we think about all our programs, whether that’s Friendship, Kid Connection, Nursery, House Groups, or any other program that you can think of, take some time and pray for those ministries. We don’t know when we will be able to gather again, but even when we are apart, those ministries need our prayers.

Second, take some time and thank the many volunteers that make all these programs succeed. There are so many people to be thankful for. I am thankful that just today some cards came in the mail for some of my children. They love getting mail and were thrilled to receive a note from a teacher in Kid Connection or ROOTS. Maybe you’re thankful for a house group facilitator or a Friendship leader. Whoever it is, let’s express some of that thankfulness today.

Grace and Peace to you.

Pastor Ryan

AACRC worship music on YouTube

Pastor Noah has been hard at work producing songs from individual recordings sent to him by our very own worship team members as part of Sunday worship, as well as editing video musings from our pastors.

Did you know you can access the entire playlist of worship team songs on our church YouTube page, “Ann Arbor CRC“?

Enjoy the playlist of worship songs:

The Sabbath: A Biblical Perspective (episode 2)

We are excited to share Episode 2 of our Sabbath Project. In this episode, Pastor Ryan builds on the first video from Travis West to show how our concept of time and work have been disrupted by Covid-19. And, how the sabbath can be an invitation think about time and work differently and accept the divine invitation to rest.