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Advent at home 2020

Hey Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church this is Pastor Kristen. I am coming to you wanting to share a couple suggestions for how to practice Advent intentionally this season. Continue reading

Finding words: prayer resources for a pandemic

From Pastor Kristen Livingston and Jen Boes

The Coronavirus has come as a huge shock to us, and within a very short time it has radically challenged our attitudes and behaviors. Our lives have narrowed and everyday tasks have suddenly become challenging. Social distancing brings new routines and sometimes spaces of loneliness. In the midst of this, our connection to God and our life of prayer, one that might have seemed centered and on track, can begin to feel troubled. But God hasn’t moved away from us! As we pray, we know that even though we are apart in body, God connects us through the power of the Spirit. What words might we offer as we seek to faithfully respond to where we find ourselves?

Here you will find resources that we have found to be life-giving aids to prayer, that are helping connect us to God. Some are online. Some are podcasts. Some are books. They range from ancient to modern, and from specific-for-right-now to timeless. Continue reading