Our Current Focus

Epiphany 2020

For the season of Epiphany we are celebrating the manifold wisdom of God that has come in Jesus Christ by celebrating the many people who have been called by God to proclaim the gospel for the church. In addition to our pastors, we also welcome our associate pastors as they share God’s word with us.

January 19—Pastor Noah
January 26—Pastor Ryan
February 2—Matt Ackerman (Campus Chapel, near the University of Michigan)
February 9—Rhonda Workman (Chaplin; St. Mary Mercy Hospital)
February 16—Pastor Kristen
February 23—Jon Cooper (Chaplin; Federal Correctional Institution, Milan)

The seven Sundays after Epiphany (January 12 through February 23) follow the celebration of Epiphany on or near January 6, a commemoration of the manifestation of Christ, especially to the Magi, but also at his baptism and at the wedding feast of Cana. Liturgical colors are often white through the 2nd Sunday after Epiphany and then green.