BESEL is on hiatus during the pandemic

Believers with Christian Seekers who speak English as a second languageMinistry Director: Naomi 나 정연 Schult, 734-507-0736
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Ministries in English:

  • Sunday School on Sundays at 9:15am – Room 17
    • Teachers are Mark & Naomi Nah Schult and Yang Liu
    • Studying the book of Mark in English
    • Sing Gospel songs in different languages
  • Last Sunday of Month – Lunch for ALL families at BESEL people’s Houses – ‘Let’s Celebrate!!’
  • Ministries with People from all Nations including Chinese, India, Jamaica, Japanese, Korean, Kuwait, Mexico, Singapore, and USA
  • Adults and children’s Christian books at AACRC church library in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
  • After Baptism Reception Party with ALL Church members
  • Service opportunities at the Church Worship Service including to be at the Praise Team, to collect offerings..
  • Community Service Project: Ann Arbor Vacation Bible School
    • students – kids from 4 years old to the 4th graders
    • volunteers – from 5th graders to adults


Ministries in Korean:

  • Sharing QT in Korean 한국말로 큐티 나누기
  • Walking and Chatting with Love in Korean: Every Thursday at 1:30 PM 사랑으로 걷기: 매주 목요일 1시30분

Ministries in Korean & English

  • BESEL 15th Anniversary Cookbook – in progress Simple cooking methods for students and families with young children
    • Modified traditional oriental cooking recipes to fit groceries from local groceries
    • Traditional oven and oven top cooking & electrical pressure cooker cooking
  • Translating a book on “Seven Deadly Sins” – featuring the Seven Deadly Sins (Gluttony, Anger, Greed, Arrogance, Envy, Sexual Immorality, and Laziness) in the perspective of Confucianism and Christianity 극복할 7가지 죄 (탐욕, 탐식, 화냄, 교만, 질투, 음란, 게으름)을 유교와 기독교의 비교적 관점에서 서술한 책을 번역중에 있음.
  • Studying material on Korean Christian Ethics 한국 크리스찬의 기독교 윤리 에 관한 공부


负责人: Naomi 나 정연 Schult , 734-507-0736



老师: Mark & Naomi Nah Schult, 1997年至今
刘阳, 2015年












-结合儒家思想和圣经,翻译“七宗罪”( 暴食,愤怒,贪婪,傲慢,嫉妒,淫乱,和懒惰 )