Meeting Cancellation Guidelines

Approved by Council: February 10, 2014

Decisions about cancelling church-wide events such as worship services or congregational meetings will be made by the President of Council, or in his/her absence the Vice President, in consultation with at least one of the pastors if, during the time of the scheduled event, there are weather conditions that might make travel to and from church unsafe; or if there is a condition within the church building or on church premises that might make the building or premises unsuitable or unsafe for use. This policy contemplates two sets of circumstances that will require a decision regarding cancellation:

1. Certain events and conditions — for example, tornado watches, tornado warnings, roads that are declared to be impassable by municipal authorities, orders from municipal authorities to avoid driving unless it is an emergency, loss of power or heat to the building or damage to the building – will necessitate a decision to cancel; and

2. Other events and conditions — for example, weather advisories, storm warnings, icy roads, heavy snow or rain, extremely low temperatures, partial loss of power or heat to the building — will require the President of Council, or the Vice President in his/her absence, in consultation with one of the pastors to exercise discretion in making a decision regarding cancellation. In this circumstance, if the decision is made not to cancel, it is understood that members will exercise discretion in making decisions for themselves and their families. If they are going to be absent, members are encouraged to communicate with appropriate staff or other volunteers if they are scheduled to lead Sunday school classes, church hour classes, nursery, or have made a commitment to participate in worship services.

In either of the above circumstances, when a decision regarding cancellation has been made, the President of Council, or in his/her absence the Vice President, will inform members of the decision as soon as possible. If time permits, that decision will be communicated via email. If the decision to cancel a church-wide event occurs too close to the time that a given meeting will convene to permit communication via email or if the decision to cancel occurs during the course of a church-wide event, members will be advised to evacuate the building or to not enter the building in person or via posted notices on building doors as is deemed appropriate under the circumstances. Decisions about cancelling meetings of smaller groups or committees, including non-church groups, will be made in a manner that is consistent with the above guidelines and will be communicated to group or committee participants by their leaders.