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CFS-Campus Chapel – Spring 2020 Inklings
MINISTRY OF (DIGITAL) PRESENCE – When people ask me what I love about campus ministry, one of the things I nearly always mention is that it’s a ministry of presence. There is incredible value in us simply being where we are, at the intersection of the church and the university. We bear witness to our God, who is also present there, by being present, with all of who we are, in the conversations, the community spaces, even the classrooms of the university. But what does that look like when our presence becomes entirely digital? That’s the new reality we are all living into this spring…read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Huyser – Prayer Letter – April 2020
We want to see Jesus – Yesterday I read again the story of Jesus appearance to Thomas. I could identify with the story as never before.
The story begins with the followers of Jesus “sheltering in place.” They were afraid, isolated, and confused. Their leader had been lynched. They themselves had fled the scene. It seemed that all their hopes of the last three years had been dashed. And yet there was the rumor that Jesus had appeared to Mary Magdalena. It couldn’t be true, could it?….read more…

Special COVID Prayer Letter…

Resonate Global Mission – Padilla-DeBorst – Twin Peaks – April 2020
Easter has come and gone, and we continue in the limbo of uncertainty, unease and disease generated by COVID-19. Natural questions are: For people tired of isolating quarantines or crammed together unable to distance physically, people sick of “zooming” or broken by loneliness, people burdened by extra work or suffering the lack of employment, is there any invitation in the ancient story of a man who, on a donkey’s back, enters a city lashed by imperial taxes and armies while people clamor around him? …read more…
Resonate Global Mission – Cohort Detroit – Nathan Groeneveld – New beginnings. New challenges.
It was February, and our Cohort had just met together for the first time, sharing honestly about goals and fears for the upcoming six months. We extended hands around the table as KJ closed in prayer, and just as she finished, a bright ray of sunlight streamed through the window…read more…
DAAM – Robinson – Spring – Summer – 2019 Update
A New Start: Mission Camp
The camping program at Detroit’s Afro-American Mission will experience a new beginning this year. After more than 20 years at Bair Lake, we will have our camping program at “The Springs Ministries” in Gladwin, Michigan…read more…
COM – Lynn & Mary Degener – May 2019 Newsletter
Our Staff Conference was held April 22-26 at Country Lake Christian Retreat Center in Underwood, Indiana…We received a surprise award on the last day of the conference. “The President’s Giant Slayer Award” for continuing a strong campus ministry while enduring personal challenges…read more…


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