Pastors and Staff

Rev. Noah Livingston
Pastor of Worship Arts

Rev. Kristen Livingston
Pastor of Congregational Care

Rachel Redder
Director of Communication and Community Engagement

1717 Broadway, Ann Arbor, MI 48105
734-665-0105 – church
734-665-9532 – fax

Paul Herrema
Choir Director

Jim Wagner

Ross Weener
Church Executive

Council Members and Officers

Council Officers
Jill Fenske, President of Council
Jim Bryson, Vice-President of Council
Paul Steen, Clerk
Ross Weener, Church Executive
Council Leadership Team
Jill Fenske
Ross Weener
Mike Waldyke
Malo Engel
Shepherding Elders
Malo Engel, Chair
Debbie Tuckey
Sharon Reimink
Dave Vander Yacht
George Lindquist
Kellie Steen
Marilyn McLaughlin
Anita Lautenbach
Service Deacons
Mike Waldyke, Chair, Liaison to Friends In Deed
Bill Zinsser, Liaison to CAP
Eric Wright, Liaison to Social Justice Committee
John Bush, Liaison to Habitat for Humanity-Huron Valley
Allyson Wever, Liaison to Family Life Services
Charlie Aagenas