House Groups

House Groups is the small group ministry of the Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church for members and visitors alike. There are groups that meet Sunday morning during the 9:15AM Faith Formation Hour prior to the start of worship and also groups that meet later in the afternoon or evening on Sunday.

Winter/Spring House Groups Begin February 25

This Winter and Spring, in House Groups, we are focusing on what it means to be a community of faith that keeps Christ at our center. We will be reading and discussing Centered-Set Church: Discipleship and Community without Judgmentalism by Mark Baker. Accompanying the reading will be a video series which will enrich our House Group discussions. The author discusses three types of churches with the help of set theory from mathematics. There are bounded-set churches and fuzzy-set churches.  Both of these types of churches have dangers. The author advocates for a centered-set church, which has Jesus at the center. That is easier said than done. Along the way, the book offers some helpful discussions for a church community to be able to identify the priorities and practices that they will use to keep the focus on Jesus.

Contact Pastor Mike if you have any questions or if you’d like to join a group.