House Groups

House Groups is the small group ministry of the Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church for members and visitors alike. There are groups that meet Sunday morning during the 9:15AM Faith Formation Hour prior to the start of worship and also groups that meet later in the afternoon or evening on Sunday.

This Fall 2023, in Worship and in House Groups, we are focusing on the Word of God in the Gospel of John. We’ll be looking at what it means that Jesus is the first word in a new conversation. We’ll be exploring how this conversation permanently opens heaven to earth. And we’ll be asking questions about what all this means for life and how we live it.  In House Groups we will be reading, Under an Open Heaven: A New Way of Life Revealed in John’s Gospel by John E. Johnson.  We are very hopeful that this book will nurture a strong connection between sermons and readings which will enrich our discussions in House Groups.

Contact Pastor Mike if you have any questions or if you’d like to join a group.