By Phil Boonstra, AACRC Social Justice Team Immigration Leader

The Afghan Adjustment Act (AAA) is currently under consideration in the United States House of Representatives and Senate. If passed and signed into law, this legislation would provide a path to permanency for the thousands of Afghan refugees, including our friends the Azizis, who have come to the US following the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021 and the subsequent collapse of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, most of whom do not have a permanent status nor a path to such a status. Absent legislation like the AAA, their future in the US is uncertain, and a safe return to Afghanistan is not possible. You can read more about this legislation on the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants website, and you can read the Senate’s version of the bill here. Reach out to your Representative and Senator to let them know you support this bill. You can accomplish this very conveniently via this link: Tell Congress to pass the Afghan Adjustment Act (