Grace where we are

In today’s thoughts Pastor Ryan shares how we can reflect the love and joy of God in our current locations.

  • Where have you seen God’s love during social distancing?
  • What are you doing to reflect the grace of God where you are right now?

We’d love to hear from you! Share your story with us in the comments below or post it on social media using #GraceWhereWeAre.

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  1. Just one other thing that I’m so thankful for right now. My kids have discovered the craft of letter writing and, in addition to the computer, are writing letters to their friends and family! It has been great to see them receive and give words of love and affirmation. #Gracewhereweare

  2. On Sunday morning, I met my around-the-corner neighbor out for a walk, enjoying the sunshine. From opposite sides of the street we checked in. She said they were doing great. Both of her next-door neighbors had checked in with her and one brought milk and OJ when supplies were running low. With a smile, she said she felt spoiled! She was remembering back to her time in the Peace Corp in Sierra Leone where grocery runs happened once a month and involved live chickens. We laughed together.

    So blessed to see our neighborhood reaching out to take care of one another. #gracewhereweare

  3. After Pastor Ryan’s meditation about reaching out in our neighborhoods, I was thinking of how I could use my daily walks in the neighborhood to do this. Since I have the pleasure of living in a neighborhood where many others from the AACRC live, I walk by their homes frequently. So, I decided to say a prayer for each church family as I passed their house on my walk. Today I remembered seven different families. And, in the process, I enjoyed seeing some lovely spring flowers in their yards, a string of crosses in a window, and two Easter egg trees!

  4. This week I learned about a couple of church members whose work in the medical field has involved them in challenging and threatening and painful situations. It made me want to pray for them and find all the others who need our prayers. I’m on kind of a quiet vacation without a lot of personal stress because of this imposed isolation. I can do my part in prayer. Is there a way to link us all to the ones who are really fighting this virus on the front lines? or to those whose lives are particcularly stressed right now?

    • Marilyn McLaughlin

      April 4, 2020 at 2:18 pm

      I’ve had similar thoughts. Would it be possible to publish a list of front-line workers in our congregation, that we might pray for them by name?

      • Good thoughts. I will see what I can do to follow up. For now, the beginnings of a list of healthcare workers that you can pray for: Rita, Cherie, Dan, Dan, Laura, Kaitlyn, Tanya, Deb

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