Enjoy this video of our currently sheltering guests and volunteer coordinator Rachel as they say thank you.

AACRC – Unexpected Opportunities for Ministry on Vimeo.

The “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order in Michigan was put in place just as AACRC began to host our second week of the Rotating Shelter for the Shelter Organization of Washtenaw County. This presented us with an unexpected opportunity. We agreed to host the men in our facility, not only overnight but also during the day, since most of their daytime spaces such as libraries and restaurants are currently closed. We are committed to continuing this through the duration of the “shelter in place” order.

In order to reduce crowding at the Delonis Center, the Shelter Association of Washtenaw County currently has men housed at a local hotel. In addition, this past week, two additional local churches have agreed to host men in their buildings.

The gentlemen are truly grateful for this space to shelter, and we are thankful with them for the ways God has been working:

  • Lonnie is moving into an apartment this week after an 18 month wait. We’ve been able to help furnish his entire apartment and even stock it up all the way down to ziplock bags, oven mitts, toilet paper and a full fridge and pantry (AACRC, AACS, and the larger community thru the power of social media and working with housen2home.org). Truly an emotional and joyful time.
  • We have a new 19-year-old who has come from the River Rouge area that Darren is setting up with a laptop so that he can finish out his senior year of high school. He has applied to U of M for next year.
  • Paul has just been hired at the Kroger on Plymouth Road. A church member donated a bike for him to use to commute to and from work. If you see him at Kroger, say hi! He’d love to say thank you.

The men sheltering at the AACRC are giving back to their community by organizing, packaging and delivering the snack bags to the men being housed at the hotel. These snack donations have been made possible by families of AACS and members of our congregation.

#GraceWhereWeAre looks like #GraceWhereWeCantBe in this moment! Hope you are finding moments of grace wherever you are today. Thanks for helping make this one happen.

PS With the extension of the governor’s order, volunteers are needed to donate snack items for the men in the hotel (sign up here). In addition, money for food, donating men’s used clothing and shoes, cooking meals or desserts from home, or lending movies (comedy or action, labeled, DVDs only) are still needed. Please contact Rachel rachelbush360@gmail.com if you can help out.