Written by Barb Fichtenberg, Hunger & Poverty Leader for the AACRC Social Justice Team

Most of us probably don’t think about it very often, but there is a moral dimension to one of our favorite activities—eating!

As people of faith, how can we help ensure that all people have access to food that is nutritious, both here in the U.S. and around the world?  How can we support small and medium scale farmers as well as farmers of color who struggle to survive in a sea of agribusinesses? How can we encourage sustainable stewardship of our soil, water and air which are necessary for food production?

“The Farm Bill is a hard-working bill that covers everything from crop insurance to community food projects, from Meals on Wheels and SNAP (food stamps), to energy, conservation, and international food aid.  If you eat food or know anyone who eats food, then this bill directly impacts every part of your meal from where and how your food is grown, how it is cleaned and processed, how much it costs and any money you may receive to help pay for your food.” (www.foodinneighborhoods.org)

The U.S. government has until September 30, 2023, to pass a new Farm Bill, so now is the time to let our members of Congress know what kind of food and agriculture we want—a food system that is equitable and sustainable.  Debbie Stabenow is the Chairwoman of the Senate Agricultural Committee and will be instrumental in formulating the new Farm Bill, though it is also important to contact Senator Gary Peters and Representative Debbie Dingell.

Our AACRC Social Justice Team took some time at our meeting last week to have our own “Offering of Letters” and we invite all of you to help amplify our voices on this issue. For your convenience, Bread for the World has an online letter which you can sign. Step 1 is to enter your contact details so that you can get a response. Please check the box which says “Yes, this is an Offering of Letters,” and then enter “Ann Arbor Christian Reformed Church” as the congregation hosting the event. Step 2 will take you to the letter. Here is the link https://go.bread.org/page/48001/action/1