Outdoor worship is almost here! I’m so excited to gather outside like we did on Easter. It’s going to be fantastic to gather without attendance limits, and I can’t wait to sing all the way through the service! There’s one drawback, though: it gets hot sitting on blacktop until 11:30am in July. Very hot. For some, this heat is just uncomfortable; for others, it’s a serious health hazard. So in order to have our cake and eat it too, this summer we’ll begin Sunday morning worship at 9:30am. This will allow us to experience the benefits of outdoor worship while avoiding the worst of the day’s heat.

One more thing: outdoor worship is the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and neighbors. That person you’ve been meaning to ask for years would probably be even more comfortable showing up in an outdoor setting! So let’s make the most of this shift in worship, to invite others into the life God is giving us together. I’m so glad to be following Jesus with you.

-Pastor Noah


Pastor Ryan leading outdoor worship on Easter Sunday morning

Pastor Noah checks out the keyboard connections during early morning setup for Easter outdoor worship


Outdoor worship starts
May 30
New time for summer worship
9:30 am

Bring your lawn chair and join us in the upper parking lot for worship
Worship will also be live-streamed